About us

  • Since 1990 Play Space Services, Inc. has provided customers with recreational construction solutions for park, school, restaurant and other play area settings. We have maintained a simple goal from the beginning to provide quality professional services to our clients and to ensure that Safety remains the number one priority not only during construction but with the finished product as well. 
  • We have evolved over the years with our start in maintenance of existing play equipment, to installation of equipment for most of the playground manufacturers in the market.  We were instrumental in the development of the National Playground Contractors Associations with two of our Primaries being founding members.  We struggled to bring forth a higher quality installation service and to educate the consumer as to what they should expect from the installation company they choose.  We also became State of Florida Licensed General and Roofing Contractors and expanded our installation services to include site preparation, such as excavation, fill, concrete, curbing, sod, permitting and more.
  • As we continued forward we found that the surfacing industry left a lot to be desired.  Inexperienced installers using sub standard materials were abound not only in our area but nationwide.  We sought out the highest quality materials and the most qualified and experienced installers and brought them in house so that we would not have to expose our clientele to anything less than the best.  We now are national distributers for both Urethane Binders and EPDM products from the top quality manufacturers in the world. 
  • Through our sister company Rubber Designs we now offer a full line of surfacing products that are compared to none when it comes to quality, effectiveness and aesthetic appeal.  We continue to expand our offerings as well, first introducing the Loose Fill Recycled Rubber Tire Mulch by Rubber Designs into the market.  With our patented coloring and processing systems Rubber Designs is quite simply the best there is.  No loss of color, no steel or fibers and no replenishment month after month to maintain the depths required for fall height attenuation.  Then moving into a poured in place application of the loose mulch material which is an alternative surfacing option for play areas as it maintains the same type of fall height attenuation qualities and aesthetic appeal but a slightly more economic price point.  It also “paved” the way to a whole new walking/jogging trail system that is not only an anti-fatigue surface but reduces knee and shin injuries for the users. This application has been used from local to state and national parks as well as in military bases for their required workouts and training. We also offer Recycled Rubber products in many forms that compliment the industry in which we work including Rubber Mulch , Flexible Rubber Borders, Standard Safety Tiles, Interlocking Safety Tiles, Slide Mats, Swing Mats, Cobblestones, FlexstonesFlagstones and more.  Many of these items can be purchased online for self installation or you can simply purchase the raw materials and have your own local installer put it in for cutting our that middle man mark up.
  • We have also branched out into the sales market in effort to continually bring our clients the best.  Now offering through our sister company Advanced Recreational Concepts , the highest quality products, to enable us to offer a true full service, turnkey operation.  We offer playground equipment and site amenities, whether steel, aluminum, plastic or recycled plastic, Shade Structures, Shelters, Climbing rocks and components, sports equipment, bleachers, pavilions, water play, and essentially any other park and recreation related products.
  • Looking to the future we will continue to strive to achieve our original goal each and every day.  We will continue to seek out and develop new and innovative products for the marketplace and look for ways to provide our clients with the “One Source” option for all of their parks and recreation needs.