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Our Story

For over 30 years Play Space Services has been the trusted installation partner for recreational construction solutions in Florida.  We pride ourselves on our long-standing expertise and strong relationships with the numerous clients, vendors, and within the communities we serve.

Our goal then and now is to provide quality professional services to our clients while ensuring that safety is always our number one priority.

We are experts and leaders in recreational equipment. We’ve installed equipment for most of the playground manufacturers in the market and were instrumental in the development of the National Playground Contractors Association. Two of our managers were founding members with the goal of bringing higher-quality playground installation services and education to consumers.

We are also innovative and responsive to our client’s needs. When we saw a need in the field of safety surfacing we expanded our expertise providing high-quality materials and application options for recreational safety surfacing. We also hired the most qualified and experienced installers.   We are national distributors for the highest quality surfacing materials (both Urethane Binders and EPDM products) from the top manufacturers.

We continue to seek out cutting-edge products and methods for the marketplace, as we always want to ensure that we are providing our clients with the very best options for installation of their recreational equipment needs.

With each client and project, we strive to achieve our steadfast goal of offering professional trusted services while keeping safety as our priority each and every day.

What We Offer

Since 1990 Play Space Services has been providing our customers with expert recreational construction and safety surfacing solutions. 

licensed general contractor

Licensed General Contractor

As State of Florida Licensed General Contractors, our installation services include site preparation such as excavation, fill, concrete, curbing, sod, as well as signed and sealed drawings and permitting.

playground safety inspection

Committed to safety

It’s our number one priority.
All installation leaders are Certified Playground Safety Inspectors, meeting the requirements of the American Society for Testing Materials to have a CPSI on-site for every installation.

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National Playground Contractors Association

We have been instrumental in the development of the NPCAI with two of our primaries being founding members.

We Provide the Best Service in the Industry

Partner with us for a beautifully executed innovative solution

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